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A Recap of Your Favorite Finals

Tuesday night was a busy night on television – between the second Miami Heat playoff game against the Indiana Pacers, the Dancing with the Stars finale and the Voice finale, watchers were furiously flipping between channels in an effort to catch everything and miss nothing.

Game 2 in the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana, left the Pacers four points short of tying with the Heat. In the first game of the series, the Pacers managed to win: leading the game with 107 points to Heat’s 96 points.

The series is now tied 1-1. The next game on Saturday, May 24th will happen in the American Airlines Arena in Miami.

On ABC, the Dancing with the Stars finale of its 18th season saw the dances of its three remaining couples. Maks and Meryl Davis, who ended the night with a perfect score of ninety after performing their final dance –a mixture of the Foxtrot and Cha Cha – won the mirror ball trophy. Meryl Davis, along with Charlie White, who was eliminated last week, placed first in ice dancing in Sochi.

Derek and his celebrity, Amy Purdy, who won bronze at the Sochi Paralympic Winter Games, placed 2nd with a fusion performance of Cha Cha and Tango.

Full House star Candace Bure and Mark placed third after performing a fusion of quickstep and samba.

Although Iggy had a problem with her microphone she pulled off “Fancy” with as much ease as she did on the Billboard Awards. Ariana Grande performed “Problem” followed by Christina Perri performing “human” – a song that left the crowd crying.

On The Voice, Josh Kaufman from Team Usher won. As first place winner, he gets a Universal record contract and a hundred thousand dollar cash prize. In second place was Jake Worthington and in third came Christina Grimmie.

The season 6 finale had performances by One Republic, Ed Sheeran, Alabama, Robin Thicke, Justin Moore and Coldplay.


Of Mice & Men’s Restoring Force Review by Amanda Delgado

The Harbinger

Taken from Google Images Taken from Google Images

Since their 2011 release of The Flood, Of Mice & Men has been trying to move toward a more heavier and mature sound, similar to what most contemporary “scene” bands have been doing recently. There is no doubt that their latest album, Restoring Force, shows musical growth, with its alternative and nu metal influences; however, after the first five tracks, the album becomes a repetitive blur.

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The “Smart” Gun: A Compromise in the Making?

For the first time available to the public —and not only on movie screens—a smart gun, which ensures that only its owner can fire it, has been created.

Developed by Armatix, a company located in Germany, the iP1 can only be fired if the owner’s watch is nearby, since the watch features a chip that is directly linked to the individual gun.

The Smart System gun features a safety mechanism that uses radio to determine if it’s within range of the watch, deactivating the gun if it is not. On top of that, the owner of the gun has to enter a pin in order to unlock the gun.

The Armatix gun costs around one thousand and four hundred dollars and the watch another four hundred.

On their website, Armatix states that the smart gun is“a consistent concept of gun safety for the future.”

And it might be. Supporters of this new technology are praising it for its safeguard—a lock that would prevent both thieves and children from firing the gun.

“It seems logical. But regardless, you can’t deny the fact that the owner of the gun might possibly be a threat,” said Khurram Paracha, a junior in Information Technology.

But there are those who believe that the technology is not as reliable as they want it to be, requiring much more effort than usual.

The Violence Policy Center, which is an organization that wants a safer America in regards to guns, stated in their “Smart” Guns Backgrounder publication that the center, “currently has no position on personalized guns, but feels strongly that any discussion of these proposed weapons for the civilian marketplace should include a realistic assessment of what such technology can actually achieve as well as any attendant risks.”

Yet, they oppose smart guns because they remain guns, if only smaller and more limited.

“I think that smart gun would be bad because what if for example, there was a girl who stayed home alone and she heard someone breaking in and she knew her dad had a gun. She wouldn’t be able to use it and save herself,” said Stephanie Navarro, a junior at MLEC.

The issue of a “smart”gun has been addressed before, and not just in James Bond’s latest movie, which the Washington Post has referred to as a gun straight from Bond’s hand.

Although it correlates with the national push for more gun control, the issue of a smart gun has already been addressed in certain states in America. Amongst these states is New Jersey, which in 2002 passed a law which mandates that only smart guns be sold three years after they hit American markets. Once they go on sale, other types of guns will be banned.

While in December 2002, New Jersey was thinking of smart technology in terms of optical and fingerprint sensors, as well as voice recognition, the new technology is one that can change gun control, especially for law officials.

United States senator Ed Markey wants to pass a bill through Congress known as the “Handgun Trigger Safety Act,”which would require that any American, sold or bought, handgun possess smart gun technology two years after the bill is passed. The technology would be in the form of personalized recognition device that would prevent others beside the owner from firing the gun.

Along with the Smart System gun, Armatix has a gun with an RFID chip, which is radio-frequency identification and allows only certain people access to the gun.

But for now, the smart gun will be sold in America and it remains to be seen whether gun violence will decrease as a result.